African Springs Safaris Ltd

It is our responsibility to ensure the sustainable development of tourism and help enable Kenya to be a better place for people to live and a destination that all guests are welcome. It is our hope to do all we can to minimize our environmental impact while at the same time promoting our cultural heritage.

It is our passion and responsibility to ensure that we provide as many activities and opportunities as possible that not only will help educate others on the importance of protecting wildlife and the people of this country, but as well provide provide protection of our flora, fauna, waterways & culture. Our goal is to provide as many opportunities as possible and encourage our guests to stay at eco-friendly lodges and camps while also supporting those places of lodging as well as local communities.

We strive to leave our environment in a healthy state, ensuring that those that come after can benefit from it as well. Our safari guides are educated in environmentally friendly practices and while out on safari they do their best to follow a strict code of ethics. Leadership begins with the management and we are always strivings to improved and learn all that we can.

We are members of Eco-Tourism Kenya and Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) as well as Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association.

We are passionate about the work that SHELDRICKS WILDLIFE TRUST does encourage guests to visit the Nursery and/or do safaris to their projects.

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not

expect to sit."

- Nelson Henderson.